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Jointly build the anti-epidemic wall! ASG positively organizes all staff to inoculate COVID-19 vacci
In order to positively respond to governmental appeal, effectively reduce staff's risk of being infected with COVID-19, and further consolidate the defense line of pandemic prevention and control, in June 2021, ASG organized multiple concentrated COVID-19 vaccine vaccinations of staff.
In order to effectively ensure the COVID-19 vaccine vaccination work, the company has kept strengthening publicity and public opinion guidance, conducted publicity and education of the effectiveness, necessity and safety of vaccination, and widely mobilized staff to inoculate it. In order to facilitate staff, the company positively connected and communicated with Yanji Street Health Center in Yangpu District, arranged the bus to send staff to the health center to inoculate vaccines in batches, and regarded the independent office on the 8th floor of the company as the fixed inoculation point. Meanwhile, the company leaders also took the lead to respond to it. The Chairman Liu Mingtian inoculated it in the first batch, so as to encourage staff to positively inoculate the vaccine with actual action, and improve the inoculation efficiency. 
On the vaccination site, the company arranged the special staff to coordinate with vehicle allocation and transportation, provided mineral water and lunch for the staff, helped the inoculation personnel and medical personnel to maintain orders and ensure safety. After finishing inoculation, staff entered the observation area. With no abnormalities after observation for 30min, they left there in an orderly way under the unified arrangement of the company. Through a large amount of detailed and careful early-stage work, the company effectively ensured the successful vaccination.
To inoculate the COVID-19 vaccine is the responsibility and obligation of each citizen. ASG will continue to organize staff to carry out inoculation and provide powerful guarantee for staff's physical health.