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Grand Ceremony of 2020 Annual Meeting of Asian Steel Group
The best scenery of the year must be remembered, it is the time when gorgeous lights are shining and bright. The year of 2020 comes at the appointed time with clanging steps. On January 19, a joyous and peaceful day, the annual meeting of Asian Steel Group and award ceremony open at Shanghai Oriental Universal Banquet Center. Group headquarters, group divisions, management of national branches, national ten-year honorary employees, fifteen-year loyal employees, all employees in Shanghai, and colleagues from overseas branches such as Singapore, Australia, Thailand, the United States, Pakistan, India, Poland, Turkey, Mozambique, Indonesia, etc. gather together merrily for this grand event. In addition, 54 core overseas agents of Asian Steel Group from 36 countries around the world are also invited to the annual meeting, and nearly 600 industry elites from institutions such as accounting firms, law firms, bank investment, etc. come to the venue to participate in the event.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the Group’s major events in 2019 display slowly. The attendees review the glorious moments of the Group in 2019. During the flow of light and shadow, the honors and achievements obtained by Asian Steel Group are visible before the eyes, which resonates with all people of Asian Steel Group.
Subsequently, Mr. Lin, President of Asian Steel Group, makes a thanking speech. He, on behalf of all employees of the Group, extends his most sincere thanks to partners and all employees who have supported and helped Asian Steel Group for a long time. President Lin said, as of 2019, new China has been founded for seventy years, and the year of 2019 is of extraordinarily significant for Asian Steel Group. The inconstant international situation poses opportunities and challenges to the logistics industry. In the face of “The Belt and Road” policy, and complex and tough market environment, Asian Steel Group has been steadily promoting corporate strategy, deepening reform, laying out and building digital intelligent logistics platform. In 2019, Asian Steel Group has embarked on a new journey of digital intelligent enabling, building digital intelligent ecosystem with domestic and overseas partners, and firmly fulfilling the mission of “we accompanying you to the world”. In addition, Asian Steel Group is quickening its international development pace. It has set up Mozambique representative office, Pakistan company and Niger branch, and reached strategic cooperation with India Adani Group. From service scope to company management, Asian Steel Group has achieved a qualitative leap. It ranks 23 in top 50 global Steel distributor.

Subsequently, the award ceremony is grandly held. “Excellent Employees in 2019” and “Ten-year Honorary Employees” are successively released. Zheng Yongjie, General Manager of Shanghai Operation Center and the President Lin Jie successively present awards to the winning employees. This is the first year that the Group has presented awards to the “National Fifteen-year Loyal Employees”. Liu Mingtian, Chairman of the Group, awarded trophies to the winning employees. All people of Asian Steel Group also ardently applaud for the fifteen-year loyal employees who have witnessed the growth of the Group and dedicated their youth to the Group with their loyalty and persistence. Their unwavering spirit and perseverance create today’s Asian Steel Group and also their own life value.

After the award ceremony, Chinese and Western performance begins, including traditional folk music, European and American songs, and cool dances, various and wonderful. The folk music with beautiful rhyme lingers in the air long after the performance. The national instrumental music with unique charm brings us real spiritual enjoyment. Enthusiastic and impassioned performance of the foreign bands lights the fiery atmosphere of the scene. Chinese and the Western culture meet together, contrast finely with each other and each has its own feature. The performance arranged and acted by employees of Asian Steel Group, interesting real-life games and exciting lucky draw make the applause and laughter endless on the scene, with intersected singing and lighting, creating an extremely warm atmosphere.