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Asian Steel Group joins hands with SIPG, AntChain, and ICBC to build a digital shipping capacity mar
In order to control the transport in the whole sell parts. On December 28, 2020, Shanghai SIPG Land Transport Service Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: SIPG Land Service) and Shanghai Haibo Logistics Software Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Haibo Software) under SIPG Logistics (Group) Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Global Logistics) and Shanghai Jixing Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Jixingtong) participated. Antchain provides blockchain technology support, based on the port paperless EIR platform and digital shippers The platform and the three-party interconnected digital container port capacity market of the digital container truck platform are initially experimental.
As the leading end-to-end digital private logistics enterprise in China, Asian Steel Group has a total annual shipping booking capacity of 700,000 TEU and land transport service containers of 100,000 TEUs across the country. It is the first in this round of cooperation. The large shippers who participated in this round of pilot projects in SIPG will help SIPG Logistics to provide services to social enterprises in the future. At the same time, they will also actively participate in the exploration of other digital projects with SIPG.
It is worth mentioning that Shanghai Wenray Technology Supply Chain Co., Ltd., jointly invested by Cainiao and Global Logistics, has also participated in this round of cooperation as the main body of deep integration with the cross-border supply chain of Alibaba International Station and Cainiao Network.
Now that the shipping industry has entered the era of information and intelligence, the shipping industry's development environment has moved from linear changes to structural changes and paradigm changes. Many patterns are being integrated and reshaped. Digitization + customer value appreciation is the core driving strategy of New World Logistics. The actual implementation of the strategic collaboration of the trailer project represents that Asian Steel Group not only connects shippers with trailers and other suppliers through digital transformation, but also achieves seamless information exchange with SIPG. Paper-based scenarios are implemented. Under the protection of the three-party real transaction chain, AntChain helps the shipping industry to build a digital trust connection, helping the efficient and credible circulation of information and assets on the chain.
Asian Steel Group' logistics contract fulfillment capabilities and the leading digital capabilities of the shopkeeper have effectively supported the international station's innovation in digital logistics based on the globalization strategy, and will provide a one-stop comprehensive closed loop from business flow to logistics contract fulfillment for the majority of small and medium businesses Transaction services.
The trailer project is an important component of Asian Steel Group’ end-to-end service for the front and rear ports of China, land and port. Through digital collaboration with these strategic partners in Shanghai Port, as an explorer and leader, it has also set a benchmark for the digital development of the entire industry. Similar commercial expansion will also be implemented in other ports.
The market environment time comes
Truck land transportation is a logistics segment with a scale of hundreds of billions. Six of the top 10 ports in the world for container throughput are located in mainland China. China has the world's largest market. The informatization level of China's core ports, the penetration rate of driver's smartphones, and the loading rate of vehicle positioning equipment are all global leaders. The industry's digital infrastructure is already available, and there are huge opportunities for industry transformation. As a freight forwarding company that has direct sales outlets in Hong Kong among the few private enterprises in the country, Asian Steel Group has a good scenario and foundation for the rapid implementation of digital upgrades of trailers in front of the port.